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Your job search results: 2 Worcestershire jobs

Your job search results:
2 Worcestershire Jobs

Various shift patterns available

The key responsibilities include:

  • Work in line with our group values; Trust, Efficiency, Quality & Expertise and Can-do
  • Ensure that the production area is prepared for the commencement of each shift to minimise any disruption to the production run and to maximise efficiency.
  • Communicate any issues concerning raw material to ensure all operatives are made fully aware of any issues that may arise during the production run.
  • Ensure that all employees allocated to shift are in attendance from the beginning and investigate all non-explained absences.
  • Ensure motivation throughout the shift to improve efficiency and to minimise costs.
  • Monitor and control quality and ensure corrective action is implemented as required to ensure product quality, safety and legality.
  • Maintain a system for the cleaning of all production areas after usage to ensure a clean healthy and safe working environment and compliance with safety legislation.
  • Ensure the communication of performance against KPI's to all production personnel and implement corrective action as required to redress any failings.
  • Ensure the storage of raw material and finished product in a safe and efficient manner to minimise the risk of hazard and to maximise cold storage space. Use all material in rotation to minimise the potential for wastage.
  • Take active part in improvement activities.
  • Contribute to regular daily team communication sessions.
  • You will also be expected to contribute ideas for improvement.

Rozalia Bunn

£8.11 per hour
Tue/Sat Or Sun/Thurs 2pm To 10pm Fri/Mon 12pm - 10pm

Key Functions:

To ensure that the line(s) are running as effectively as possible and to make sure that correct products ingredients and toppings are on the line and products are produced to a high standard and quality. £8.61 once training is completed

Main Responsibilities:

  • Once training is complete please see below expectation for line leader:
  • Set up the line and check the belts
  • Check if punnets are the correct depth for the chosen product.
  • Bringing sauces (check the dates on the sauces, bring them in the right order- stock rotation); croutons and forks
  • Use correct program for different products
  • Make sure that correct labels and stickers are on the line
  • Make sure that dates and promotions are applied
  • Select the product on the checkweigher
  • Control weights of the product (light weights or over weights)
  • Bring all ingredients to the line by using designated pump truck
  • Check all ingredients for their quality
  • Conducting metal checks
  • Control stock rotation
  • Make sure that the correct amount of product is on the line
  • Do the calibration
  • Install the top film and base film onto the line
  • Control rejects
  • Open reworks
  • Set up the weighers according to the product
  • Report issues and breakage on the line to the Supervisor, Manager, Engineer
  • Clean the line and surrounding areas and especially after change over to a new/different product
  • Spray lines with Hypo after cleaning
  • Make sure that correct PPE is worn
  • Make sure that rules (Health and Safety and Food Safety) and procedures are followed
  • Be a good example for the Standard- Ops
  • Cover the staff for breaks or toilet visits
  • Know how to operate all four multi-lines
  • Train new line leaders
  • At the end of the shift place films and labels into designated bags and pass them back into boxing area.
  • Fill in the relevant documents (for example: line belt integrity check sheet, Production Line Start-up Check, Punnet Dimension)
  • Check the belts at start of shift and after every product clean down- results from the check have to be recorded on the appropriate document (High Care Multivac Line Belt Integrity check sheet)
  • Make sure that line is switched off at the end of the shift
  • Being responsible for all Health and Safety and Food Safety principles in your workplace and maintaining a good standard of housekeeping.


  • Strong leadership skills
  • Ability to work on own initiative
  • Good communication skills
  • Good people and managing skills
  • Ability to work to a deadline and under pressure
  • Health and Safety awareness
  • Good understanding, reading, writing and speaking of English
  • Food Safety Level 2

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